How to properly disinfect to fight against Covid-19?

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, how to carry out effective disinfection and protection has caught our attention. As we spend more time at home, are we really disinfecting our home environment entirely? How do you normally disinfect the indoor environment? Do you know humidifier can help you conduct sterilizing?

How can a humidifier help against Covid-19?

It is now believed that the Coronavirus can spread via aerosol. The aerosol is in fact formed by droplets blended in the air. But it is possible only when small droplets lose their liquid and become cores composed of viruses and proteins. So increasing the level of humidity of the air with a humidifier especially to 60% can block aerosol transmission of the coronavirus.

Besides, you can further use a humidifier for interval disinfection. Because an ultrasonic humidifier can atomize disinfectants into aerosols of less than 50um particles and disperse them on the surfaces of the disinfected spaces and objects to kill microorganisms and bacteria on them.

How to use disinfectant fluid correctly?

Now that we know how disinfectant fluid functions, how should we use it properly? Listed below are a few correct ways to use disinfectant fluid commonly seen.

Hand disinfection

○ First, fully scrub your hands under the flow of water in accordance with the eight steps to remove dirt.

○ Using hypochlorous acid water of effective chlorine concentration of more than 35ppm (or other kinds of disinfectant fluid-like 84 disinfectant), flow rinse more than 20 seconds.

○ Dry hands with a clean handkerchief or paper towel residual liquid.

Surface disinfection

○ Clear the surface of the object first visible stains.

○ Using a large amount of hypochlorous acid water of effective chlorine concentration of more than 80ppm (200ppm for super dirty objects). Wipe the surface of the object.

○ After staying for more than 20 seconds, wipe the residual liquid with a clean handkerchief or paper towel.

○ Those frequently touched, such as door handle, window handle, table, desk and chair, armrest, faucet, elevator buttons, etc need disinfection 2~3 times a day.

○ Those relatively less often touched can be disinfected 1 times a day.

Air disinfection

○ Because Covid-19 can be transmitted by aerosol, it is quite important to adapt aerosol spraying disinfection. Make continuous spray of hypochlorous acid water with effective chlorine concentration of about 50ppm. The amount of spray should be more than 10ml per cubic meter. Here, Keecoon's humidifier can be a good choice. With large capacity, hypochlorous acid water can be added inside and it will atomize aerosols into those of less than 50um particle. Its disinfection capacity can meet the medical level.

○ When the indoor air is in disinfection, it is recommended to leave the room and keep the indoor unmanned for more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will reduce the disinfection effect, and there is a risk of large inhalation.

○ After finishing disinfection, remember to keep the window open for natural ventilation, at least 2 times a day, each time for more than 30 minutes. If the window cannot be opened or the ventilation is not good, mechanical ventilation methods such as electric fans and exhaust fans can be used.

○ If you use 84 disinfectant solution, dilute with 1:100 (disinfectant: water) and put it in the humidifier. However, please be subject to the local requirements of specifications of disinfectants.

Hope this article help you have more knowledge of disinfection. Let's disinfect our living environment right now and embrace a healthy life!