Remote Control
Remote Control

Remote Control

  • Applicable for only Lacidoll 5.5Gal LCDJSQ-J001 humidifiers
  • Remote Control & Touch Button works both for Lacidoll Humidifiers.
  • Users can use the remote control to control Lacidoll Humidifiers from 5 meters away .

Functional description of the 6 buttons

  • Power Button : Power Humidifier on or off .
  • Humidity Button : Set a constant humidity level that you hope your humidifier to stay with . Humidity can be set from 40%-90% .
  • MAX-MIN Button: Set Mist Level from lowest to highest .
  • UV Button: A UltraViolet Light can be turned on to kill all germs located in the upper chamber .
  • Timer : Timer can be set from 1 hour- 12 hours . You can have your room to matain in optimal humidity even when you are out .
  • Sleep Button: When you turn this button on , all lights on the LED screen will shut off .